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Listen/download: The December LP, Vol. I by Don Lifted 

                                          The Concept 

My grandmother passed away April 2012. At this time I had already created a few tracks, but I had no direction or vision. A week before her passing I was studying Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia Ultra and when she passed I became numb emotionally, frozen in that exact moment. The week she passed, the week of the funeral, and the week after; all I listened to was that project. It kept me sane. It kept me from totally crumbling emotionally. After I began to search for that feeling of nostalgia that I could feel in those records. I wanted to tell my story in a way that was completely self reflecting and honest. I wanted to make music that I felt could last forever and always mean something special and powerful to those who listened even after years had passed. I began to reflect over my life and the times that were most pleasant to me as a young man and child. I thought about the times my grandmother was still alive, when my parents weren’t divorced, when I didn’t worry about my future, and everyday was beautiful and limitless. I thought about the times were I was most happy. I thought about being 5 years old. I thought about how Christmas Eve was the most beautiful and exciting day to me as a child. I thought about the neighborhood being covered in lights, the songs playing in stores, I feeling of being completely hopeful of the world and my existence. I haven’t felt that bliss since. There was no greater feeling of seeing everyone so happy and the nostalgia of 90s black family holiday gatherings. I missed being ignorant to the world around me, to cancer, to death, to the fact our parents weren’t happy, to the fact I could die at any moment. The fact that anyone I love could die at any moment, the fact that our dreams as young children could easily never be seen. I wanted to create something to take me back to that happiness that bliss. I began watching home videos, visiting places I spent time as a child, visiting my old jobs, trying to get a piece of the past. This album is pieces of my past. This album is pieces of my struggles over the last 5 years. This album is the balance between the happy and blissful mind of a 5 year old and the mind a 22 year old that has been stripped of his happiness, and blissful ignorance. A 22 year old scared of failing, scared of losing loved ones, and scared of dying. A 22 year old that believes in himself but is scared that the world does not. The album is a collection of memories. A collection of struggles and the pain I’ve been through. It’s a collection of moments that mean the most to me, good and bad. From waking up at 5 in the morning driving to a job I hated, to driving back in forth from Washington DC and Baltimore multiple times a day, to driving 13 hours back to Memphis numb after having to leave school. My life, my story, my journey is these 3 albums. This is just the first glimpse… I hope you enjoy. Thank you.

                                  The December LP, Vol. I

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